3D Ball Balancer
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3D Ball Balancer

3D Ball Balancer

Learn to balance the ball over tight bridges and boats in the amusing 3D Ball Balancer game. Your mouse pointer will control everything. To move the ball, simply move the mouse left, right, up, and down. On this voyage, you must use the right method for each unique road stretch, such as a broken bridge, swing bridge, or single plank bridge. Pay attention to the ball's speed; accelerate to cross the steep segment bridge.

You have five lives on each level; if the ball falls into the water, you must restart from the last saved location and lose one life. Once you exhaust your five lives, the game will take you back to the level's start, necessitating a fresh start. Touching the red barrel will cause an explosion. Visit the marina and collect extra points to unlock more fascinating balls.

With spectacular 3D visuals and interesting physics, 3D Ball Balancer will keep your attention!

How To Play

  • Mouse – Click and drag to move the ball

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