4x4 Soccer
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4x4 Soccer

4x4 Soccer

Experience the captivating world of vehicle sports with 4x4 Soccer. As the name implies, you will play soccer using 4x4 Jeeps rather than soccer players. No longer is the fastest car the goal, but the most skilled and goals scored. How certain are you that you will win, my fellow racers?

First, choose your preferred mode, which includes 1P and 2P modes. Choose 1PL mode to play with the CPU, or 2P mode to play with a buddy. Then choose the team you wish to represent. You may also choose your preferred automobile among the ones we have available. The next step is to hit the throttle, sprint to the center of the field, and win the ball. Never give up your goal if you want to beat your opponent. You'll see that driving a soccer vehicle is not simple. So, before you start playing against your buddies, practice and master the CPU. 

Don't worry, even if you're ahead. You can always change the score on the next tee. This time, charge into the center of the field, win the ball, and take the winning shot. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys - Drive
  • Ctrl - Hand brake
  • P - Pause

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