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8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

The casual arcade game 8 Ball Pool pits you against computer-controlled opponents. A "pool", to most people, is just a little, immobile body of liquid. To be clear, it is an entirely different game. Two players play with 16 balls in varying colors on tables at bars and pubs. It is the goal of the game to sink the solid and striped balls before you can pocket the black 8. The white cueball must not go into the holes, or your opponent will be able to aim anywhere on the board. Choose your level of difficulty and enjoy this free game on a PC, tablet, or smartphone! Choose to participate in a worldwide tournament or to have a quick game against random players. This classic 8 Ball Pool game will help you improve your billiards skills. Have fun!


  • Three AI opponents that are easy, medium, and difficult
  • In the options, personalize your avatar and pool cue.
  • Set the power, align your shots, and modify the ball's spin.
  • Play free pool on mobile and in your web browser.

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How To Play

Move your mouse to aim your billiard cue, and then click and drag to adjust the force of your shot. To take your shot, let go of the mouse button.

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