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Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball simulates baseball and allows you to play at different locations to accomplish different goals. Choose a child from your locality and let them play in a baseball tournament. You can access the next region if you have completed enough tasks in the previous one. This can be anything, from completing a set number of tasks without being struck out or getting an error to completing a specified number of home runs.

In 2002, the Backyard Baseball video game series was released on many different platforms. One of them was the Game Boy Advance handheld console. Backyard Baseball, a video baseball game aimed at a younger audience, includes power-ups as well as other fun features to keep the players entertained. In 1997, the first time the game was released, the player could choose from 30 kids in the neighborhood. This Game Boy version retains all the original mechanics while adding a few new ones.

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How To Play

  • ← → ↑ ↓ = Directions
  • Z = A   
  • X = B
  • A = L   
  • S = R
  • Enter ↵  = Start
  • Backspace  = Select
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