Basket Goal
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Basket Goal

Basket Goal

Basket Goal, a puzzle game with a basketball theme, has incorporated new gameplay mechanics. The ball will need to be rearranged in the basket so that it can go into the hole. In this game, tiles are placed against each other. The ball and the goalpost will always end up somewhere unexpected. To score, move a ball set and a basket across the court. Collecting coins will allow you to get more balls. The game's simple aesthetics and accessible gameplay make it a great choice for players of any age. The game has 100 levels that get more difficult. Click the “PLAY” button when you are ready to start the game at the very beginning. To complete the level, you need to move the basket and ball to the other end of the court. The obstacles you will have to overcome to put the ball into the basket increase as you advance through the levels. Use coins to upgrade your ball and help you progress through the levels. Are you able to complete 100 levels?

How To Play

  • Move the puzzle pieces using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 
  • Swipe left, right, up, and down on touch screens. 
  • To complete the level, the basketball must pass through the net.
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