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Basket Shot Master

Basket Shot Master

Basket Shot Master lets you show off your skills as a basketball player. This addictive casual game has a variety of colorful characters and simple rules. It also features quick matches. Not just for basketball enthusiasts, this is an excellent option for all who love a challenge. If you can block your opponent's shots, then you will be able to stop them from scoring. With quick hits, you can stun and score against your opponents. The ball can be moved in the direction of your choice. Longer arrows travel at a faster rate. You can find out your performance by shooting at the target circle. You don't have to wait for the ball to fall before you can take another shot. This tactic will give you an advantage and allow you more time to score. Be prepared to compete against AI rivals. To stop the other players from scoring, you need to use your intelligence and skills. You can use power-ups to improve your odds of winning. After winning, you can increase your multiplier, allowing you to accumulate more coins and take out your opponent with your ever-improving skill.

How To Play

Slide to move, release to shoot.

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