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Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans is a simple basketball game that requires your team to score more than the opposing team.

Dragging the mouse gives you control over your character. The mouse moves in the same direction as your character. Running as quickly as you can is an effective strategy to gain an early advantage over your opponents. The ball will stay in the middle of the field. The ball will be grabbed instinctively by your character the second you touch it. You can show him how to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team. Keep away from players of the opposing team at all costs. Players who are chasing the ball may snatch it away from you. You're still not the only one on your team. You will be supported. For each match lasting one minute, you will be randomly matched with a different player. Your character will score if you get to the jumping line quickly. Show off your basketball skills by aiming.

Diamonds can be earned through daily quests and matches. As the game progresses, you will receive more diamonds. Diamonds can be used to dress your Beans characters. What's to say, a bean cannot have dreamed big enough to want to be Kobe Bryant? Enjoy Basketball Beans!

How To Play

Drag to move

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