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Basketball Bricks

Basketball Bricks

We welcome you to put your focus and reflexes to the test in today's game of Basketball Bricks. The top of the screen will display the playing area, where cubes will be placed. A specific geometric shape will be used for their construction. The basketball is situated on a platform at the bottom that moves to the right and left. By dragging the screen, you may see it swoop up and smash into a block. It will vanish after impact and you'll get points for it. If the ball's trajectory is altered, it will be reflected and fall to the ground. To set the platform under the ball, you must now relocate it. It flies away after making contact because it fights against it. So, you're going to smash this block figure. Attempt to beat each of the 18 levels. Get as many power-ups as you can to speed through each level. Whenever you feel like taking a break, play this game. Make the most of it!

How To Play

Mouse or finger to move paddle

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