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Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever is a thrilling and addictive game that puts you in control of the court. Shoot more baskets in the hoops to score more points. As you collect money, the game gets more and more interesting. Making as many baskets as you can is an excellent way to prove that you are the best marksman around. This exciting competition is a great way to show off your acting skills!

Basketball Fever can be played quickly and easily. Use your finger or mouse to aim the hoops. To fire, press or swipe. Accurately aiming will help you increase the total of your basket. Collect coins to unlock the new balls. The goal is to get the highest score and destroy other players’ lead positions.

Basketball Fever requires accuracy and good timing. Shoot at the center of the basket to score the most points. Search the coins to find power-ups, which can increase your score and give you new abilities. You can now become the best basketball player in the world by beating every opponent you come up against.

How To Play

To aim at the grid, click and hold the mouse button. Release your grip on the ball when you are ready to make your shot. Go through all of the rounds to claim the title of champion.

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