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Basketball: Jump Up 3D

Basketball: Jump Up 3D

Playing the mobile game Basketball: Jump Up 3D entails controlling a character as they jump from one platform to another, to reach higher levels. Anyone who enjoys sports games or is particularly passionate about basketball is sure to find this title to be a thrilling and entertaining experience. 

Playing this game will require a whole new approach compared to the typical basketball game. Several house rooftops will appear on the screen in front of you. On one of the rooftops, you'll find a trampoline that your character can jump on. There will be a fixed basketball hoop on a separate rooftop. Go head-to-head with other players to determine who can make the most accurate passes into the basket. With its easy-to-use controls and captivating gameplay, it challenges your precision. You will receive a specific number of points upon scoring a goal in the game. Release your shooting prowess right now and become a basketball champion. Try your hand at some dunks, and see how far you can go in this basketball heaven!

How To Play

In the game of dropping the ball into the basket, the player is controlled by pressing the spacebar.

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