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Basketball Line

Basketball Line

Basketball Line is an exciting game that requires skill. The goal is not to release basketballs but instead explosives. This game is all about scoring as many points as possible. Draw curved lines to guide falling balls into the basket. The level's objective is to get every ball into the basket. You must make sure that explosives cannot get past the hoops. Each line that you draw uses up one pencil, so you can draw as many lines as you want. Be careful; it won't come easy. We are confident that you can achieve a high enough score to pass the game. You'll face a number of challenges. You can move on if you have enough points. Prepare to draw like a professional while avoiding explosives.


  • Six distinct ball kinds are available for use.
  • Vibrant two-dimensional images
  • Playing games that are addictive
  • Sensible controls

How To Play

  • Draw a line with left mouse button to basket
  • Prevent the ball from falling

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