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Basketball Line - Draw The Dunk Line

Basketball Line - Draw The Dunk Line

Basketball Line - Draw The Dunk Line is available on PCs with HTML5 browsers. Your goal is to draw a straight line and direct the ball toward the target. Your drawing depends on being in the right spot at the right time. You will have more complicated lines at your fingertips the further you play. In the game, you can choose from a dark or bright mode.

It has simple graphics but tons of gameplay. The goal is to score as many as possible. It is the goal to draw a straight line and get the basketball into the basket. This game is designed to challenge participants' agility and reflexes. It begins by launching a ball from the ground. The ball falls after jumping on the screen due to gravity. How the ball deflects off the path will determine how gravity can be converted to directed motion. You must draw the line quickly and accurately if you are to win the game. You can let your creativity run wild when you dip the basketball!

How To Play

Tap or click with your mouse.

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