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Basketball Shootout

Basketball Shootout

We are grateful that you took part in our exciting basketball game, which was called Basketball Shootout. Put your basketball talents to the test, because the time has come! In one minute, you must quickly shoot as many hoops as you possibly can. The more of a score you have, the more difficult it becomes. Following a score of 15 or higher, you should purchase new basketballs. To achieve a high score, you should strive to make baskets that are worth the most points. To climb to the top of the scoreboard, you need to have high scores; thus, you should make it a priority to win the rounds that give you the most points. The time has come to put your basketball skills to the test! I wish you success!

How To Play

  • Control player with mouse or touch. 
  • Shoot the ball by tapping the A button, or pressing A or Spacebar on your keyboard.

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