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Basketball Slide

Basketball Slide

Basketball Slide, a new and challenging puzzle game will challenge your mind. It's a great game for sports lovers.

This game was created by combining elements of basketball, tag and other sports. You can find basketballs and baskets in various places. You can use the arrows to move them together around the playing field. As you advance through 39 levels, coordinate the movements of the basket and ball on the puzzle. If you can pull the ball through the basket, then you will advance to the next stage. You need to make a dunk move that will result in a goal. Keep in mind the pebbles which could act as an impediment!

You can customize your game as you gain money by altering the colors and types of balls. But be careful and try to get three stars.

This game includes six months support and Build 3 Source Code (c3p), as well as the option to upload your own links and logo.

Enjoy this brand new casual game!

How To Play

  • You must slide the ball and the hoop flawlessly to win the game.
  • You can position a ball over the hoop after a few steps. You must drag the ball into the basket once the ball and basket are properly positioned.
  • You will soon get a point for it and advance to level 2 of the ladder.
  • There will be barriers in the shape of closed bricks. It assists you in placing the ball and basket precisely in the right sequence to score a goal.
  • When you have at least 500 points, you will be able to customize the ball. You may access more ball designs if you've earned the required number of points for purchasing the same.

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