Basketball Stars 3
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Basketball Stars 3

Basketball Stars 3

Basketball Stars 3 will immerse players in an exciting world of basketball. This unique basketball arcade game brings the characters from Nickelodeon to life. The twist is, where? Everyone is wearing one single ballooning sneaker. It's more difficult to pass the test when there are other players present. So you will need to display your real mastery. However, you are not afraid of showcasing the unique basketball talents that only you possess. Before you are allowed to participate in an exciting event, you must complete the training program. This can last as long or as little as is necessary. You can start your basketball journey right now! Within seconds, you will be an expert at the controls of this toy. It's important to stay physically active on the court and prevent other players from scoring. On occasion, special packages with extras can float across the playing field. To win, release more darts than your opponent. I wish everyone the very best!

How To Play

Use the spacebar and the arrow keys.

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