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Basketball Swooshes

Basketball Swooshes

Basket Swooshes is a basketball video game where you must advance through each group round to win the final tournament. The game will excite players regardless of their age and whether they're experienced or new to basketball.

The controls are easy to learn, and players love them. Assuming the role of a basketball players, your goal is to beat the clock and rack up the most points. In the 2 Player Mode, you and your friend can compete separately on different devices. You can also take part in World Cups or Time Challenges. You can choose how much and how far the ball is shot. Swipe or click the mouse to change the direction of the shot and the power. Then release the button. Timing and accuracy will make your swooshes look more professional. Once the group stage is over, it's time to move on to the knockout stage. You must win your games to advance to the Basket Swooshes Finals. Are you one of the contenders for the Basket Swooshes Championship?

How To Play

Use mouse or finger to aim and throw the ball.

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