Bball Pro League
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Bball Pro League

Bball Pro League

Bball Pro League welcomes you to the Bunny Basketball Championship. A teammate is essential to your success. Practice your shots and keep an eye on the hoops until you become a pro. With the help of directional arrows, you can score easily after every shot. You can get a better throw by slightly retracting your arrow. You will receive points for each success. You can win the match with a big score in the opening 75 seconds.

A match is never without tension or healthy rivalry. The other team will be chosen at random when you select a rival team. Your team is guaranteed to win when the difference between the two teams' scores before time runs out is under one point. Tossing a ball into the basket with precision is a simple task. Practice makes perfect. If you're looking to become better at something, it is important to keep practicing. Experience is a great teacher!

How To Play

Mouse or Touch

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