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Blocku Golf 2

Blocku Golf 2

Blocku Golf 2 will take you on a thrilling and challenging journey as the ball navigates through various mini-golf courses. The game's minimalist aesthetics are similar to those of Gravity Defied and Bounce, and it has fun gameplay that focuses on level progression. This game gives the player a maximum of five chances to put the ball through the hole. Once you have used up your five chances, the game stops and you will be forced to start over. Due to all the obstacles, it may be difficult for you to hit the ball and to accurately aim. You will find blocks, chasms, sharp saws, moving platforms, explosive TNT, and more. You can compete in a friendly way, unlock the next level, and overcome obstacles to prove your cleverness and talent. As quickly as you can, get past the next level after the climb!

How To Play

Use the mouse to aim and hit the ball.

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