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Brain Dunk

Brain Dunk

Brain Dunk represents the logic game genre well. In this project, the objective is to find the answer to a particular puzzle for a ball of basketball to dunk. This project is gaining popularity due to its easy-to-understand physics. A graphically simple web game managed to grab the attention of older and younger players. Brain Dunk will help you relax after a long day of work.

On this dynamically changing playing surface, a basketball hoop with a ball is shown. On the screen, you will see stars that must be collected with the ball. Draw the line where the ball will land in the basket using the virtual pencil. If you miss, the level will not be marked as complete.

It is impossible to throw the ball in a specific direction, as you cannot control its trajectory. It is possible to design stripes that will act as the ball’s trajectory. These will later appear as solid artificial barriers. You can create the path the ball should follow on your screen by drawing lines. After you finish, simply click the ball, and it'll start to fall, passing over different obstacles. The game is much more challenging than it appears. While playing, you will experience a wave of happiness that will make you want to play again and again. The latest basketball sensation has arrived!

How To Play

Use a mouse or finger to draw a path, and dunk the ball to win

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