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Burrito Craft

Burrito Craft

If you love Minecraft and want to play it anywhere you want, don’t hesitate to give Burrito Craft a try! This game is the perfect fanmade game with features similar to version 1.5.2 of Minecraft! Explore a variety of items and resources, choose between different game modes, and play to your heart’s content!

Burrito Craft begins with the player choosing the appearance of their character and then picking the most suitable game mode, letting you stay in a peaceful world or fight for your survival with monsters. Collect resources to craft more items and tools, which can be used to mine blocks more effectively. Discover new enemies and creatures and a variety of terrains with Burrito Craft!

How To Play

  • Movement: WASD keys; jump with the spacebar.
  • Look around: mouse.
  • Collect object: left-click.
  • Place blocks: right-click.
  • Crouch: left shift.
  • Drop item: Q key.
  • Inventory: E key.

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