Cannon Basketball 4
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Cannon Basketball 4

Cannon Basketball 4

Cannon Basketball 4's gameplay is straightforward but engaging. This game is a great choice to test your basketball skills. This sport-puzzle hybrid features 30 levels (with 15 extra challenging levels), where you must plan your moves carefully to score points and, ideally, all three stars.

There is no cap on the number of balls you will receive. Fifteen easy levels and fifteen difficult ones make up the game's total of thirty. Embark on an exciting adventure as you face new challenges at every level. If you want to improve your shooting skills, learn the proper shooting position, and master the art of getting the ball into the basket, you should play through the 15 easy levels. Playing through all fifteen levels requires a certain amount of skill and mental agility. Accumulate stars to improve your score at each level. To reach the end, you must use your logic, aim, and brainpower to operate levers and activate mechanisms at each level.

This game brings together shooting, the classic basketball game, and many other genres. In each level, you take control of a cannon and must shoot hoops into the basket. But there are a lot of things in the way of the guns and the baskets; for example, you'll have to shoot balls to get past a wall and a series of wooden drums. I hope you enjoy yourself!

How To Play

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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