Crazy Kick!
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Crazy Kick!

Crazy Kick!

Fans of football who are passionate about the sport will like to play Crazy Kick, a game that has a large cast of characters. The red stickman will play ball with you, trying to stop you from scoring as much as possible. Being the sole member of your squad means you must put in triple the effort to find the back of the net and score goals at an alarming rate. There are a lot of stickmen out there trying to get you, so try not to crash into them. By using nimble movements and quick dodges. Prepare to be amazed by your abilities.

Score higher in Crazy Kick by honing your skills on difficult shots, such as curveballs and long-range goals. While it's important to keep collecting coins for better skins, your main focus should be on reaching the goal. With the money you earn, you can unlock new masks for your characters. Get ready for an unprecedented level of fun! 

How To Play

Slide to control the ball.

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