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To score points and win in the fascinating 2D soccer game Dkicker, make a spectacular volley or header as soon as the ball approaches you! In this game, you will form a team and play in a weekly competition. Teams will participate in matches from Monday to Sunday to determine the winner and earn the coveted Dkicker trophy on Sunday.

This game lets you play an aggressive striker who scores goals. Move past defenders with skill and deliver a strong, strategic shot. If you're new to the striker position, you'll need to train more to improve your kicking, heading, and other sophisticated tactics required for this role. You must score a set number of goals in each encounter to advance to the next round. This game is simple: use the mouse to jump to the head, block the ball, or shoot it into the net. Now is the moment to take the pitch, experience the applause, and prove to everyone that you are a soccer great!

How To Play

  • With the mouse, you have to shoot at the opponents' defenders and defenders of your way.

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