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Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

You compete with other players in Drunken Boxing to see who can score the most knockouts. Fighting matches are challenging to compete in. Picture yourself as a boxer.

This high-octane beat 'em up, Drunken Boxing, mixes the two. Two virtual characters compete in a lighthearted arcade battle. When both boxers take the miracle pill, it becomes very difficult to maintain balance. For an offensive move, try a jab or a cross. Cut your opponent's head in half once you dust off his brain. The use of real-ring announcers will make it feel like you're watching a major pay-per-view bout. Experience the full force of a blow as you battle through five rounds of intense boxing. By combining different elements, you can outsmart your opponent. Inhale the sweet perfume of victory as you destroy tables and other objects. Is competing against AI all the time getting you down? Gather a companion and test your punching skills against each other. Let loose and have fun with a few beers. Nothing will satisfy your desires like Drunken Boxing. Dude, you're drunk, so it's not going to be simple!

How To Play

  • PLAYER 2: "W,A,S,D"

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