Dunk Challenge
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Dunk Challenge

Dunk Challenge

What are some of the things you can perform in Dunk Challenge if you have a basketball and a gun? This is an odd and unique task! You will fire the pistol 14 times to get the ball to bounce into the hoop. Seize the proper chance to avoid wasting ammunition!

This is a simple game that is difficult to master. Assume the role of a basketball player. You may find it tough to get the ball to bounce how you want. To be successful, you must have a sound plan for taking successive shots that help the ball bounce higher and pass through the hoop. Avoid impediments that may prevent you from earning points. Don't forget to collect diamonds along the way, which you can spend on colored balls in the game shop. Don't forget that you only have 14 shots, so use them carefully. Dunk Challenge is an entertaining arcade basketball game with several fascinating levels!

How To Play

  • Left-click to throw the ball into the basket

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