Egg Dash
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Egg Dash

Egg Dash

A fascinating reimagining of Geometry Dash, Egg Dash adds a distinctive twist to the well-known game. You'll need to use all of your leaping, dodging, and sprinting skills to get through difficult levels full of eggcellent dangers in this adventure game with an egg theme. You should be prepared for some difficult moments as you move through the phases. On a challenging UFO site, the player will need to invest a significant amount of time and energy. Players are invited to go off on an exciting voyage full of fun and excitement in an egg-themed adventure as they use dash, dodge, and jump to get through difficult stages.

The gameplay of Egg Dash combines the charming and whimsical elements of the original Geometry Dash with an equally thrilling and precise gameplay experience. As simple as Egg Dash may seem, the gameplay is quite difficult. Players will have to put their timing and reflexes to the test against a variety of obstacles in this game with an egg theme. Let's put our strength to the test against some amazing challenges!


  • The only difference between this level and the 2.0 levels is the absence of the automaton.
  • Engage in a multitude of obstacles and challenges throughout your competition.
  • When confronted with obstacles, acrobatics is an invaluable skill to possess.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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