Flappy Bird
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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a free game that can be addictive. Click to keep the bird moving as far as you can.

Mechanically, this game is very simple. Touch the screen in order to cause the bird's wings to flap. The task isn't going to be easy.

Many users dislike the fact that if you hit a pipe with your bird, then you must start over. Some users say that to improve your score, you should either focus on the lower pipe or make less eye contact with the entire game.

Flappy Bird offers a fun mobile gaming experience with its retro-style graphics and simple gameplay. Flappy Bird's retro-styled graphics and basic gameplay are sure to appeal to gamers of any level.

Are you ready to become the unfortunate bird in Flappy Bird?

How To Play

The controls in Flappy Bird are simple - you just tap to flap - but the game is so hard that you can spend an hour practicing and you'll still only have made it through five or six gaps.

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