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Flickball Basketball Arcade

Flickball Basketball Arcade

Flickball Basketball Arcade is a straightforward shooting game with a basketball theme. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible within 30 seconds. The game begins in a cozy auditorium, not on a street-level platform. When you're ready to fire, simply click and let go of the button. In one go, you have to score all four balls in the row directly before you use the net that's hung from the wall across from you. The ring is in a constant state of motion since it is moving horizontally. In this game, you have 30 seconds to rack up as many points as possible. For every successful toss in flick ball, you earn one point. Your shooting speed and accuracy are directly proportional to your point total. Beautiful visuals and authentic gameplay characterize this basketball game. Fire away and rack up as many points as you can before the clock runs out. With what materials can you create the most buckets?

How To Play

Mouse – Click and release to shoot

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