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Flipper Basketball

Flipper Basketball

A hybrid of pinball and basketball, Flipper Basketball is a fun arcade game. Shoot as many as you can while collecting power-ups to increase your score. Use a movable lever to aim and throw the ball. Fans of both pinball and basketball will love Flipper Basketball, a high-octane arcade game with a new spin on old favorites. Are you prepared to take on this thrilling adventure that requires precision and expertise?

The exhilaration of pinball and the challenge of making baskets come together in Flipper Basketball, creating a fun and engaging game. Experience the thrill of high-speed action while testing your timing and accuracy. Whether you're an experienced gamer or simply seeking a fast fix of entertainment, "Flipper Basketball" guarantees an enjoyable and captivating experience. Getting ready to shoot the hoops, manage the flipper, and score is a must. Prepare to have a blast with this incredibly addictive game! Best of luck...

How To Play

Press the left or right mouse button to control the flipper.

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