Foot Chinko
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Foot Chinko

Foot Chinko

Enter Foot Chinko, is a hilarious football game that draws inspiration from the classic Pachinko and features charming 2D caricature visuals. It's a great diversion, with all the extra features and the element of surprise that comes from having the ball bounce forcefully against various obstacles and your players. In this game, you have to navigate through more than 90 levels while trying to score goals. There are dozens of teams available for you to choose from. To control the player and kick the ball when it reaches other players, use the left mouse button.

Power-ups, which improve your strength, will be available to you before matches. With the cash you earn, you can buy things like extra balls or effects that eliminate enemies. Make it through each continental event undefeated, while focusing on the prize at hand: the Foot Chinko World Cup! After taking on the Evil Goalie Ducks, will you be able to declare victory?

How To Play

Use the mouse tho shoot.

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