Football Heads
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Football Heads

Football Heads

You are about to experience an exciting big-head soccer game called Football Heads, which is packed with stunning plays. Transform into a professional player, guide your team to victory, and stand at the pinnacle of success!

Before entering the contest, select your team from the seven available options. You can then customize your big-headed character's appearance, dress, and accessories. To start the game, click Play. Upon entering the match, you will take on the role of a powerful player competing against another player. Your goal is to evade the opposing team's blocks and shoot the ball into the goal. Dribble the ball, pick the proper moment to kick it into the net, or jump up to head the ball. Within 40 seconds of the contest, you must have scored more points than the other team. Sounds simple, right? Victory will not come easily for you. Just one lapse in judgment and your opponent will score another point in your net.

After the contest, special items will appear on the pitch. These objects may be player shrinkers or opponent enlargers. Grab them quickly to sabotage your opponents or give your home team an advantage. Can you win the amusing soccer game, Football Heads?

How To Play

  • AD = move
  • J = jump
  • K = kick
  • L = lob kick

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