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Football Masters

Football Masters

Featuring charming, cartoonish characters, Football Masters is an addictive, entertaining, and fun multiplayer soccer game. Playing on one's favorite team from that era and competing against the computer or even one's loved ones should pique the interest of any football fan.

To compete in multiplayer mode, all it takes is one keyboard, which makes this a reality. You can sign up for a demanding tournament against the best national teams in the world, or you can play a short friendly match. For the duration of the match, you must score goals by jumping, shooting, super shooting, teleporting, and sliding. Playing Football Masters with a friend allows you to create a customized team. came up short? We need to play again. It's game time in Football Masters, so get up and get into the action!


  • A competitive background! Although Football Masters is a fun game, it is extremely competitive. You will observe that as the tournament progresses, your opponents become progressively more formidable to defeat.
  • An unparalleled sporting event! It is an incredibly entertaining sports game that offers an experience unlike any other in its genre!
  • Participating Multiplayer! Compete with a friend to determine who will be crowned the winner of Football Masters.

How To Play

  • Move - WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot - X or L
  • Special move - Z or K

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