Goalkeeper Challenge
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Goalkeeper Challenge

Goalkeeper Challenge

Goalkeeper Challenge is one such football game that uses HTML5 technology. The Goalkeeper Challenge has never been greater! This game takes goalkeeping to a whole new level, presenting you with ten challenging levels of progressively more difficult gameplay.

Although the controls are simple, Goalkeeper Challenge requires lightning reflexes and deft eye coordination to become a master. Your mission is simple and uncomplicated: just do all in your power to keep the ball out of the goal. As long as your touch occurs before the ball reaches the goalpost, everything is fair game. You can earn bonus points in Goalkeeper Challenge depending on your catching skills as well. The "perfect catch" occurs, for instance, when a player can both touch and hold the ball. Level by level, the game gets more challenging; if you want to stay in, you'll need faster reflexes. Remember, time is crucial! Get ready to catch shots that fly through the air as you progress through the game's 10 increasingly challenging levels!

How To Play

Mouse movements control the goalkeeper's hands. Make every effort to keep the goalposts safe!

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