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Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Join Gorilla Adventure, a side-scrolling science fiction game, on an exciting journey to the cutting edge of human knowledge. Using your abilities, you must leap from platform to platform while destroying foes and obstacles.

You take on the role of a Gorilla confined to an iron cage in the video game Gorilla Adventure. It is, however, unstoppable in its will. Use Gorilla's hammer to scale enormous buildings and constructions. In order to keep the gorilla from falling, you must continuously move the mouse. Make an effort to overcome obstacles and advance to higher levels.

Any player will fall in love with it because of its breathtaking visuals, varied environments, and lifelike audio. Unknowingly, this thrilling and dramatic adventure will draw you in.

Are you up to the challenge of being the city's hero, uncovering secrets, and foiling the schemes of the villains? Play Gorilla Adventure, and let your savage instincts run wild as you embark on an exciting adventure!


  • Uncovering the mysteries of a vanished civilization while scaling tall buildings!
  • Marvel at the magnificent aerial views of a civilization straining for the stars!
  • Mind-blowing movements with simple controls!
  • Test your endurance by enduring constant resets!
  • Those that succeed will get unbelievable benefits!

How To Play

To manipulate your gorilla, drag and release the mouse.

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