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#HardCrash is a thrilling 4-player racing game in which you must accelerate, navigate winding city streets, and race to the finish line! Choose your favorite car, wait for the signal, and the race will begin!

To begin, choose your favorite car, then select Ready and Start. Before you begin the game, you will see a 3-second countdown. Then, push the accelerator forward at full speed. To control your vehicle, use the navigation buttons. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow on top of your vehicle. It specifies the direction of the finish line. Accelerate when driving straight and adjust your speed when entering a turn. There will be numerous obstacles along the way, so concentrate and react quickly to avoid them. The game ends when one of the four players crosses the finish line.

To play multiplayer mode, press E, I, and Num+ to add the second, third, and fourth players. Select the car you like, and then click the play button. Are you ready to have fun with your friends using #HardCrash?

How To Play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to turn left and right, avoiding obstacles.

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