Heads Basketball Unblocked
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Heads Basketball Unblocked

Heads Basketball Unblocked

Heads Basketball Unblocked will let you demonstrate your incredible basketball shooting ability and get the championship trophy! The guys will have rather big heads and similarly big arms here. Their unusual body form will inhibit point scoring. However, that pales in comparison to your abilities. Overcome your opponent and start scoring immediately!

There is a one-minute time limit for matches. During this period, try to score as many points as possible to attend the next game against superior players. To get power-ups that boost your gaming edge, smash the ball. Among the other abilities in the game are Speed ​​Boost, Increases Jump, Ices opponent, preventing movement, etc. Besides, there's a Springboard next to the basket between you and your opponent that lets you execute a super-jump for dunk needs. Before you move, decide your plan.

Heads Basketball Unblocked is the perfect game for your downtime. It will surely infuse you with some positive energy. Are you prepared to go out on the pitch, defeat your opponent, and score points?

How To Play

  • Use the ARROW and A, S, W, D keys to play.

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