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Hoop Stars

Hoop Stars

As you play the entertaining two-button game Hoop Stars, your success depends on how well you time and execute your moves. Being able to manage the basket is more important than being able to toss the ball in this game. You can only interact with the game by clicking, as it is a clicker. Keep the hoop jumping up and shooting at the screen ball by reacting quickly. Since there is an opponent in this game, your goal should be to rack up points faster than they do by completing circuits of the ball. To increase your score, you need to pass each level. We shall crown the victor when one player reaches 5 points. Apart from that, precision is key. The hoop must be passed over the ball precisely at the right moment so that it does not fall out. Do you have what it takes to dominate Hoop Stars and claim victory in each round?


  • Basic yet engrossing gaming elements.
  • The ability to instantly challenge players wherever.
  • Many awards to gather and display.
  • Stunning visuals and fluid animations provide a captivating experience.

How To Play

Arrows left / right = multiple jumps.

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