Legends Basketball Stars
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Legends Basketball Stars

Legends Basketball Stars

Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of basketball games with the amazing arcade basketball game, Legends Basketball Stars! Allow your basketball abilities to speak for themselves, and you will establish yourself as a basketball legend in the game-loving community!

In Legends Basketball Stars, you may choose your preferred basketball court to host the contest. Which style do you prefer: a school soccer field or a city rooftop? To begin the game, you may also choose your preferred difficulty level and basketball. You can only unlock the majority of them with the money you earn from matches.

In this game, you must toss the ball into the ring while avoiding contact with the basket's rim or falling out. Dashed lines will mark the ball's route when you aim. Use this trajectory to improve your throw's accuracy. Enjoy a realistic basketball experience, develop your talents, and earn the title of best basketball legend!

Game Modes

  • Single-player: individuals engage in a competition against AI-controlled teams.
  • Multiplayer mode: participants are permitted to engage in competitive contests with other players.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to calculate force, and then throw the ball.

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