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Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball

Linear Basketball players must use their strategy to throw the ball through the hoops. This game requires you to use both your thinking and sketching skills. You will use the lines that you draw to create the pathways for basketballs. The situation gets more difficult when there are multiple basketballs or baskets involved, as well as explosive barriers to ruin the plans. You must be able to handle these challenges.

Drag the balls to the baskets in the display. This game requires pinpoint accuracy to score and make one shot. You will have to use your critical thinking and strategic planning skills under stress when you are faced with multi-ball or multi-basket problems. Watch out for the bombs. Either use clever escapes to avoid them, or draw a line around your balls.

It is important to always check the surface before drawing any lines. Draw a pattern with a wavy line to help the ball reach other baskets. Act quickly to create obstacles and alter your trajectory if you see bomb signals. Be a part of Linear Basketball's history-making transmission line ball team now!

How To Play

Use YOUR MOUSE or tap the screen to play the game!

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