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Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo is a game made for fans of classic platform games, except that it has a dark twist! Explore the sunny world with a typical platformer design similar to Mario—that is until you hit an impassable obstacle! With no other choice, you begin to jump into a random hole that leads you deep underground to see something more harrowing than you can ever expect…

Little Runmo is a fan-made game based on a web animation of the same name. The game explores the stereotypical “endless pit” of other platformers, except that instead of losing a life, Runmo finds a completely different world underground! Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets and make it out alive?

How To Play

  • Control Runmo with the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • Jump with the X key or the spacebar.
  • Use special power with the C key.

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