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Parking Fury 1

Parking Fury 1

Get ready to discover the perfect parking spot for your vehicle in Parking Fury 1! Finding a suitable parking spot can be incredibly frustrating in real life, but in this game, that's not a problem. Your goal is to drive various vehicles to their assigned parking spaces while causing minimal damage. There are 10 unique levels that present players with tricky challenges. Follow the yellow arrows on the ground to guide your car to the parking spot. To complete a level, you must successfully park multiple vehicles. Be cautious, though! There are other parked cars around, and you must avoid colliding with them.

In the top left corner of the screen, you'll see three stars representing your starting score at the beginning of each level. The stars will decrease based on the damage you inflict on your car. If you run out of stars, you'll fail the level. Each level becomes progressively more difficult than the previous one. Can you safely park every vehicle, avoid causing damage, and collect all the stars across the 10 challenging levels? 

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