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Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3

Are you struggling to find a parking spot in the city? Fear not! Parking Fury 3 has an abundance of available parking spaces just for you! Explore the parking lot, locate the perfect spot for your vehicle, show off your skills by completing every mission in each level and establish your dominance over the parking garage!

Parking Fury 3 presents 10 engaging levels that are full of challenging missions. Can you conquer them all while keeping your vehicle completely scratch-free? As the driver, your objective is to take control of each vehicle in a level and guide it into the parking space without causing any damage. Use the arrow keys to control the car: up and down for forward and backward movement, and left and right for turning. 

Unlike the previous games in the series, Parking Fury 3 takes place at night. Your vehicles have headlights to illuminate the way, but watch out for subtle obstacles that you might miss. On each level, you can earn a maximum of three stars. Stay focused and attentive! Crashing your car will result in a deduction of star points. 

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