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Parking Fury 3D

Parking Fury 3D

You will now join in some thrilling illegal missions in Parking Fury 3D! As a renowned car thief, your skills are unmatched, and everyone knows it. Now, you've been given a series of tasks to accomplish. Can you fulfill your desires without getting caught?

Welcome to a town with a distinctive yellowish hue, where abandoned cars are plentiful. As a notorious car thief, your goal is to seize these abandoned vehicles. Fortunately, acquiring them is as simple as getting close and pressing the CTRL key. Once you've obtained a car, you can freely drive around the map and park it at the designated spot. After parking successfully, it's wise to wait for three seconds to ensure your safety. Then, you're good to proceed! In the next levels, you can continue stealing other cars while striving to park in new assigned spots.

However, cops are patrolling the area, and you must keep your distance from their vehicles to avoid getting caught. You can monitor the locations of the cops and parking spots using the road map displayed on the top left of the screen. Additionally, remember that you have a limited allowance of five strikes. Exceeding this limit will result in your elimination.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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