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Penalty Challenge

Penalty Challenge

In the entertaining and unblocked penalty shootout game Penalty Challenge, you get to take on the role of either the killer or the keeper. You have the opportunity to seal your team's victory in the dying seconds of the game. Use the final few minutes of the game to take penalty shots. Aim to outscore your opponent's team within the allotted five rounds.

To begin, choose a country and a game. Then, following the traditional format of a penalty shootout, take turns playing outfielder and goalie. You will be the first to team up. Shoot the ball past the goalkeeper to score a point. Make a goal-scoring swipe with the ball. Slap the ball hard enough to hit the corners, but not so hard that it flies off the court. Finding the sweet spot between precision and force is essential when shooting; otherwise, the ball might whizz past you and land in row Z!

The next step is to protect the goal. Adjust the goalie's gloves to intercept your opponent's penalty shot. The further you travel, the more difficult your enemies will get. You can expect their penalty shots and goalkeeper to be lightning-fast. In stages, get to the World Cup final by winning the shootout!

How To Play

  • "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK"

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