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Penalty Kick Wiz

Penalty Kick Wiz

Wear your soccer shoes and test your shooting skills in the penalty shootout with Penalty Kick Wiz. Learn to shoot penalties proficiently.

This game can be used to improve penalty-shooting skills and get experience playing professional football. Football Killer is one of our top-rated games. You may have experienced a little of the thrill. You can join a famous football team after selecting your favorite country. Our support for their World Cup bid is important. The game has both goalie and player options. Click and hold down the right mouse on any part of the screen to move the character. After the target is positioned, press the left mouse. Then, press the left mouse. As a goalkeeper, you must refrain from touching the target of your opponent until the ball is in play to ensure a victory. After five penalty kicks, the winner is determined by who has scored the most points. It is much more difficult to master this game, although it's easy to learn. Can I get access to all teams?


  • Engaging and thrilling game
  • Simple mechanics and controls
  • Diverse regions

How To Play

  • Press and hold anywhere on the screen until the target is in the desired location to fire. Following that, let go.
  • Touch the target when the opponent appears to make a save.

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