Penalty Rivals
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Penalty Rivals

Penalty Rivals

Participate in a penalty shootout against a collection of the world's most talented competitors! Penalty Rivals, a thrilling 2D soccer game, has everything. You and your opponent will alternate roles as goalie and striker, challenging your kicking and catching abilities. The key to achieving these abilities is anticipating your opponent's shots and catching the ball. Let's see if you can predict it!

Each match has two rounds. In the first round, you will play as a striker, then as a goalie in the second. Each half will last 30 seconds. During this period, you aim to score as many goals as possible. When you play as a striker, little circles will travel across the net to indicate your shot's placement. Pay close attention to the goalkeeper's actions and make decisive shots. As a goalkeeper, you will be able to observe the ball's trajectory through the circles on the net. When the opposition striker makes a shot, click in that circle to leap out and stop it. Your score at the end of each level determines your place on the scoreboard. Show off your abilities and get the top spot!

How To Play

  • Swipe to kick.

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