Peppa Pig Basketball
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Peppa Pig Basketball

Peppa Pig Basketball

Peppa Pig and her family are organizing a basketball game this weekend! Play Peppa Pig Basketball and help Peppa Pig's team win!

Show off your incredible basketball abilities against the adult squad. The controls are pretty simple: you use the mouse to transfer the ball to teammates until it comes near the hoop. Be cautious! If your parents get in the way, the ball may be blocked. So search for gaps and pass the ball to teammates who are not obstructed by adults. When approaching the hoop, make a throw that matches the distance required to score. Score as many goals as possible to win. Opponents on the team may move to obstruct the ball. As a result, in this game, a precise and adaptable strategy is essential. As soon as you notice a shift in the opposition team's movements, change your strategy. Join Peppa Pig and their friends' football squad and become their hero with a record score!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the characters in the game.

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