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Perfect Dunk 3D

Perfect Dunk 3D

Perfect Dunk 3D is a fun basketball game in which you strive to improve your shot accuracy, demonstrate your abilities, and prove your worth as a professional basketball player!

Your task in this game is quite simple. Aim and shoot the ball into the basket, passing through as many small ball columns as possible. To achieve a perfect throw, be patient, aim accurately, and throw the ball. The more perfect combinations you create, the more points you earn. When throwing the ball, pay attention to earning diamonds. You can use these diamonds to buy more balls. You can also watch advertisements for more diamonds.

The new basketball game Perfect Dunk 3D has countless levels for you to complete. How many balls can you put in the basket, and how many levels can you complete? Let's play Perfect Dunk 3D to find out the answer.


  • Intense and straightforward gameplay
  • Fully customizable; acquire additional skins for your character and balls.
  • Elegant and vibrant artistic style

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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