Pool Mania
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Pool Mania

Pool Mania

If you are new to snooker and want to enhance your abilities, Pool Mania is the perfect solution for you! This game will challenge your wits and talents!

The game includes several intriguing levels for you to explore. At every level, you must hole all balls and collect stars. You just have three shots to finish the objective. If you are unable to put the ball in the hole within three rounds, the game will end. As you continue, you will need to practice and master more complicated abilities to accomplish progressively tougher stages. 

The game's controls are rather basic. To change the force and direction of the shot, drag and release the mouse. To accurately place the ball in the hole, aim at the correct angle and use the table's edge to guide the ball into the hole for intricate strokes. If you allow the cue ball to enter the hole, you will lose. Are you convinced that you will become a Pool Mania billiards expert? You can verify it by trying it yourself!

How To Play

  • Adjust your mouse to determine your target.
  • To fire, drag the left mouse button backward and release it.

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