Portal Defenders: Fast Break!
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Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break!

Portal Defenders: Fast Break! immerses you in the world of well-known Newgrounds characters and immerses you in an intense basketball competition! Are you prepared to confront Pico, the Madness Combat characters, and Boyfriend from FNF for the championship?

The controls for the game are fairly basic. Press A to pass opponents or summon teammates, S to shoot the ball, and D to accelerate. If you wish to play in 2-player mode, just connect two gamepads.

A team will consist of two characters, and you may choose your preferred character to begin the contest. Enjoy intense tournaments with your favorite heroes. Travel around America and demonstrate your ultimate soccer talents. Gather a large number of trophies to add to your collection. Let's get started.

How To Play

2-Player Mode: When 2 gamepads are plugged in 2-player mode is automatically started!

Keyboard Controls

  • A: Pass / Call for the ball from your teammate
  • S: Shoot – Hold and release at the height of the jump for greatest accuracy
  • D: Turbo – Hold to get a boost of speed and airtime (also augments other moves… ex: “Turbo + Shoot” when near the basket will DUNK!)
  • A+D: It’s streetball, anything goes


  • R = Restart/Return to Main Menu
  • E = Exit to world map
  • M = Toggle sound/music on/off
  • P = Pause
  • F = Toggle Fullscreen

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